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What Can I Bring Back

Despite what people may think, there is no legal limit for how much tobacco you can bring back from your holidays.

Customs can take your goods off you if they feel that you are bringing home more than a "personal Use" Amount, this is where it becomes unclear.

What is a personal amount?

What if you smoke more than average?

What if your buying for friends?

Well the answer to all these is quite simple, You need to argue your case at the airport!

Because the rules are not set in stone the officers have the ability to let you thought with any amount of tobacco, so explain to them your smoking habbits, dont take there first answer as final.


There are however guidelines as to what they recommend a personal use should be:

As follows;

Country Rolling Tobacco Cigarettes Cigars
Spain 3KG 3200 200
Greece 3KG 3200 200
Turkey 3KG 3200 200
Germany 3KG 3200 200
France 3KG 3200 200
Egypt 250G 200 50


250G 200 50
Portugal 3KG 3200 200
Gibraltar 3KG 3200 200
Country Rolling Tobacco Cigarettes Cigars

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